My name is Tameka, a Christian woman, a wife, and mother living and loving life.  I have a wonderful hard working husband Roy, who is a man’s man with a hard exterior and a super soft center in which he is learning to embrace day by day (with my help and encouragement of course).  We have two extraordinary children, Zack, 12 years old, who just happens to be the coolest kid that you could ever meet and the one who doesn’t get in a rush or too overly excited about much of anything.  Then there is Kelby, the lit little 6-year- old, who in his mind is just as cool if not cooler than his big brother.

I am a lover of all things creative and beautiful!  I have had an ongoing (and expensive) love affair with makeup since I was young girl.  Soon my love blossomed to include fashion and natural hair.  Getting dolled up is great but that’s not an everyday thing…I go through spurts where I simply want jeans, a cute tee and some comfortable kicks.  I’m also a crafter/DIY guru who loves to bake, decorate and even repurpose a little.  I am an around the way, down home Southern chick who has been blessed with many gifts that I am learning to sow into and nurture daily.  This brings me to why I am here!  I want to share my journey in hopes that you get some inspiration to be the best you and make the most of this precious life.  I will be sharing the beautiful things I encounter or create from fashion, makeup, natural hair, food, and crafts….simply put just sharing life.

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